Below are the various flooring warranties that we offer for hardwood and LVP installation.

Woodchuck Flooring, Inc. warranties the workmanship of your Hardwood Floor installation for one year after the completion of work. All workmanship is guaranteed to be first quality. Should any defects due to faulty workmanship become apparent, Woodchuck Flooring, Inc. will correct the problem free of charge. Product defects are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty covers only the installation provided by Woodchuck Flooring, Inc. This warranty does not cover damage caused by abuse, neglect, improper use, cleaning agents or by loose lay installation. Your hard surface installation warranty Woodchuck Flooring, Inc. will warranty your labor for a period of one year from the completion of the installation. Types of service provide at no extra charge under the terms of the warranty include repair of seams which gap, repair of transitional moldings, removal of air bubbles and loose grout. This warranty does not apply for gouges scratched or damage caused by water, erosion, insects, pets, spiked heel shoes, neglect, misuse, insufficient protection, improper maintenance, not maintaining proper humidity conditions or failure to follow our written instructions. We cannot guarantee against fading due to sunlight. As time goes by natural exposure to sunlight will slightly change the color of any hardwood floor. Since hardwood is a natural product your hardwood floor will continue to shrink and expand and depending on the season, humidity and heating conditions. Even if your hardwood floor is properly installed, the strips may shrink a little depending on the time of year. Any small gaps that might occur between the strips are normal and not covered by this warranty.