Do you have buried treasure in your own home?

Have you ever checked to see if you have hardwood floors buried underneath that old carpet in your home?

Hardwood flooring has never been "out of style", but years ago many homeowners decided to go for a more "modern" look and cover their hardwood floors with carpet. Wall-to-wall carpeting could be hiding a well-preserved treasure - it may be worthwhile to check whats hiding under that carpet! 

If there is buried hardwood flooring, Woodchuck flooring can have your floors looking brand new in no time! Refinishing hardwood floors can have a quite a few steps in the process, but our crew will not only ensure the correct steps are being followed, we ensure that a trusted professional can handle any surprises along the way!

Tearing out old carpet and refinishing your buried wood flooring is a great investment for you and your family. Not only does hardwood allow for a less debris-collecting floor in your home, it is durable and requires very little maintenance.

Let Woodchuck Flooring help you get rid of that carpet and let those buried floors add dimension, variety and class into your home. 

Woodchuck Flooring has 33 years of successful experience in the flooring business. Dance studios, basketball courts, San Diego historical name it we've refinished it! Your finished project will bring you nothing but satisfaction. Gain peace of mind knowing that Chuck, Mr. Woodchuck himself, will be personally supervising and working on your flooring project.

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