How Can I Prevent My Wood Floors From Fading Over Time?

Hardwood Flooring may last a lifetime if cared for properly, but it is important to understand that with any wood flooring, there will be color fading experienced.

Remember, hardwood floors are natural and like all natural things that experience change over time, wood floors will experience subtle color changes as they age.

The experts at Woodchuck Flooring have a few helpful tips to share to reduce the amount of fading that will occur in your wood floors:

Switch up your room’s furniture frequently

Every three to four months, consider moving your rugs around, changing up your furniture placement, etc. 

Try and keep your floors out of direct sunlight

The sun is no friend to wood floors. It makes sense that if you can keep sunlight off your floor it won’t fade as much. Drapes, curtains, shutters or blinds are some of the best defenses against fading hardwood floors.

Use a water based finish

Finished composed of oil will gradually amber over time and give a slight yellow tent to the flooring. In comparison, water-based finishes reduce color change over time because they remain clear.


What if my Floors Are Already Faded? 

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