We only sell what we trust - Finishes

This may seem like a very limited set of choices, but we only sell finishes that we have used extensively over a long period of time. There is no one "best" finish here; each of these products has strengths that make them more appropriate for certain applications.

But each of these finishes is the top of its class and we've chosen it because we've worked with it under many different conditions; we know how it behaves (and misbehaves) during application and under household wear and tear.

If you are simply looking for the cheapest finish available, you probably won't find it here. But if you are looking for the longest-lasting finish for your buck, read on.

Our Favorite Waterborne Polyurethane

Our Favorite Waterborne Polyurethane

Mega was one of Bona's first waterborne products in the US market. We've been using it for over 20 years and find that it has exceptional flow and working time for water-based finish.

Waterbornes seem to have a bad reputation, but their quality has improved drastically since they first appeared.

Because they contain no color and no pigments of any kind, waterbased finishes look naked and pale.

If you prefer the slightly warmer, golden look, make sure you specify that with your contractor.

Our Favorite Oil-Modified Polyurethane

Our Favorite Oil-Modified Polyurethane

We’ve been using Dura Seal oil based urethane since we started Woodchuck Flooring 33 years ago because its quality and color are extremely consistent from year to year and batch to batch.

  • it is extremely hard-wearing for the price.

  • its perfect viscosity makes it very easy to spread and it levels extremely well.