Evolution of Vinyl Plank

In recent years, Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) flooring has exploded on to the market. It has become the fastest growing flooring category because it combines the waterproof attribute of LVT with the rigidity of laminate or hardwood to help avoid ‘telegraphing’ subfloor imperfections. (Telegraphing is when subfloor imperfections start to show through the floor, think of putting a t-shirt over an electric cord). However, WPC is not as dent resistant as laminate, and it can be sensitive to high-heat environments, like rooms that get a lot of direct sunlight on the floor. We are incredibly excited about GemCore because it combines the best of all of these categories: it is waterproof, rigid, highly dent-resistant, and highly heat resistant. And, it's so dimensionally stable, you only need 1/4" expansion space around the edges and you can install a whole house without any transition moldings, up to 6400 sq.ft.!

No other flooring technology comes close to providing all of these benefits in an easy-to-install, consumer-friendly product. The basic technology behind GemCore is often referred to as SPC (Stone Plastic Composite), which is stone powder blended with PVC. But beware – there are many new products on the market that are advertised as SPC but they don’t have the same performance attributes as true SPC products like GemCore. Most WPC and LVT products have a small amount of limestone filler, but only true SPC products, with more than 50% stone content, will give you the superior dent-resistance, heat-resistance, and dimensional stability that make this technology the next big thing in flooring. GemCore is 60% stone.

One thing that makes GemCore superior to some competing products is that the layers are not glued together, they are fused together with heat, so there is virtually no chance of the delamination problems that can plague LVT and WPC products.

Although a new technology, GemCore is made on the same machinery and with the same expertise that went into Reward Rigid Plus, our WPC product. Very little needed to be changed other than the addition of the stone content.

GemCore is ideal for high-traffic commercial applications and a perfect solution for areas exposed to heat and/or moisture. GemCore features easy tap-down glueless installation. It can be quickly installed over most existing floors, including wood or laminate, stone or cement, and vinyl or tile. It can be wet-mopped for easy maintenance and remains flat even in high heat and high humidity. It is perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and sunny areas.

GemCore is safe. It does not off gas formaldehyde or any other toxic airborne chemicals. It is free of ortho-phthalates, lead and other substances of high concern such as mercury, chromium VI, cadmium, benzene, xylene and tributylin. GemCore has earned FloorScore certification. To get certified under the FloorScore standard, products are tested by independent labs which verify that they meet emission limits for 35 individual VOCs (including formaldehyde) specified by the California Standard Method for VOC Emissions Testing and Evaluation Standard Method V1.2, otherwise known as CA Section 01350.

Hope we've answered your questions - if we can be of further assistance please feel free to reach out on our site. We love hearing from customers!